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    • Fr. Mike's News Flash
      August 22, 2014

      Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

      Greetings and peace. Parish life thrives on a certain rhythm. Especially with the return of students to school, everything starts to hum along.

      “Upon this rock I will build my Church.” Jesus confirms Peter’s faith as foundation of the Church and confirms as well that what Peter binds is bound and what Peter looses is loosed. Traditionally, this is seen in terms of Church authority and teaching. A recent image of Pope Francis opens up a new comparison. That is, he describes the Church he seeks as above all a “field hospital” for sinners—in lines with an earlier reference from Matthew’s Gospel that people who are well do not need a doctor, sick people do. I was never very well-trained in first aid—even though I served as an athletic trainer which is another story of its own—but the wise use of bandages and tourniquets is crucial to stabilizing patients. There is triage: who needs the most attention first and a goal to stabilize a patient so that he or she can be transported to a bigger facility later.  Parish life is that first aid center and Peter and the Church bind and loose as needed in mercy. Deacon Ed has the homily at our Masses in English: Saturday 5pm and Sunday at 9:30am. I have all our Masses including Sunday at noon in Spanish.

      A week ago, a Syro-Phoenician woman was featured in the Gospel. We have heard in the news how our Christian brothers and sisters (and other religious minorities) are grievously suffering. Mass will be offered Tuesday to unite our prayers with the abiding prayer of Jesus the Risen One who was slain and once was dead but now lives forever. Those who wish to make a financial contribution may do so either by writing a check to the parish but mark “Iraq/Syria Relief” on the memo line or by leaving an envelope with the same information. We will forward the funds to the USCCB Relief efforts.

      Remember: starting Sunday September 7 our Sunday 5pm Bi-lingual Mass returns (after Labor Day until Memorial Day).
      1. St Joseph School students are in Spirit Dress today, including snazzy new grey t-shirts. In the words of one of the fashion-conscious students, “grey goes with almost anything.”
        1. Our 5th Grade Science students are “hands on” outside searching out seeds and various kinds of plants.
        3. Enrollment is open. Check with Sandy for a tour and interview (sbrewer@stjosephok.com) or 918-683-1291.
      3. Religious Education (Sunday RE) is also enrolling. Classes start Sept 7:
        1. Pre-K-8, including First Reconciliation/Communion Sundays 10:45-11:45am
        3. High School, including Confirmation Wednesdays at 7pm
        5. Hispanic Youth Group and Confirmation (ongoing) Sundays 6pm
        7. Adult Confirmation in Spanish, Thursday evenings 
        9. Children’s Liturgy of the Word, 2nd-4th Sundays during the 9:30am (English) and 12noon (Spanish) Masses
        11. Note: a new Adult Series will begin soon, building on the book “Rediscovering  Catholicism” and will be between Masses on Sunday (10:45-11:45am). Details to follow.
      4. High School Youth are invited to meet with Deacon John Hale and Patty Allison this Wednesday (27th) for an evening cookout and discussion on keeping the faith. 
      6. Deacon Ed and Liliana report that more and more clients are visiting Muskogee Catholic Charities. A benefit of the new signage is that someone saw it and called to donate a car seat.
      8. Update on OKC Satan Event: today’s Tulsa World (8/22/14) featured some good news on this front. Yes, the headline lead could have been better—what editor approved “wafer?!” but the content was excellent. Following the filing of a lawsuit by Archbishop Coakley (OKC), the leader of the self-proclaimed Satanists (and a registered sex offender, who could make this up?) has returned to the Archdiocese what was claimed by the Satanists to be a consecrated Host. Their story (the Satanists) how they obtained a consecrated Eucharist was so odd that it stretches credibility.  Their service (to which very few tickets have been sold—how many are to the media?) will now have coarse, black bread utterly different in appearance and substance from the bread Catholic Christians use in our Mass. We continue to pray the event will be cancelled. Circular hosts (unconsecrated of course) familiar to us are sold by any number of Church supply companies and used by many different religious denominations.
      10. Sunday evening there will be an informal “friendly” soccer match between St. Joseph’s Vietnamese and Hispanic soccer teams.
      12. This is the last weekend for our school supply drive.
      Now, it’s off to Communion Calls both here in Muskogee and an excursion to Warner for a pastoral visit—and the Muskogee County Jail again. It’s been that kind of week.
      May God bless you and all you love (and all those you should ).

      Fr. Mike
      St. Joseph Church and School