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    • Fr. Mike's News Flash
      July 25, 2014

      Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

      Greetings and peace. For several of us, the Feast of St. James (Santiago, which is Galician and Spanish for St. James) is a marvelous moment, whether for memories of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala for David and Tina Iven, the Arteagas and myself or for Santiago de Compestela (St. James of the starry field) in Galicia, Spain and the famous Camino Santiago—which Fr. Bryan just completed in June and I have been blessed enough to complete in 2012 and earlier in 2006.
      1. “We know that all things work for good for those who love God.” Paul writes with a confidence that strengthens our own resolve and lifts our eyes and hopes.  One thing I love about Paul is how his life after conversion was filled with ups and downs—he spent no more than 18 months in any one place after he returned to full-time ministry, misunderstandings (not always with outsiders—lots of loyal Christians parted ways with Paul) and mishaps (multiple shipwrecks and lonely days on the road or in jail). Through it all, Paul believed God was working everything through to a good purpose—sighs, groans and all. It gives glory its depth and meaning as a celebration of our share of love in the crucified and risen Lord. I have our Sunday Masses at 9:30am (English) and 12noon (Spanish).
        1. Deacon Jim has the homily at our English Masses.
        3. Special thanks to Fr. Rob who has our Saturday at 5pm Mass.
        5. I am away Saturday evening for a Wedding Mass for a very good friend, Paco Urueta, with whom I walked the Camino Santiago in 2012—together with my best friend from high school, John and John’s wife and Paco’s Mom, Elsi. I’ll be home late Saturday night.
      3. Seminarian Shane is with us this weekend and week and then will be on retreat with the other seminarians of the Diocese of Tulsa. He will return to studies at St. Mary of the West 6616 Beechmont Ave Cincinnati OH 45230. We hope he returns to visit us often.
        1.  Seminarian Shane is leading our Hispanic Youth Group Sunday evening. He’ll be joined by fellow seminarian Dwi Nguyen. 
        3. Thursday, Shane and I will be at the Serra Mass and Dinner for Seminarians in Broken Arrow. 
      5. Now that we are blessed with three assigned deacons (plus one retired) there is a rotation schedule for deacons too. The three decided among themselves to a more or less monthly schedule, with one taking the 5pm, another the 9:30am  and the third the noon (and the 5pm when the 5pm Bilingual returns after Labor Day).
      7. Patty and our Youth Group had a great Mission Trip to Kansas City. Youth will share after Communion at our English Masses.
      9. Congratulations to the Jimenez family who celebrate a IIIa Presentation at our Sunday Mass in Spanish.
      11. Our Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a meal and reflection this Friday (August 1). I’ll be speaking on Nouwen’s Return of the Prodigal Son and Rembrandt’s famous painting. Please contact the Knights to join us.
      13. Sandy continues to enroll new students at our parish school. Please contact her at 918-683-1291 or sbrewer@stjosephok.com to tour and enroll.
      15. Father Carlos was here on Tuesday evening for a meeting with liturgical ministers at our Spanish Mass.
      17. Deacon John Hale has a training session set for liturgical ministers in English. Please contact Carole Ray, our parish secretary to register.
      19. Deacon Ed is very pleased to have two new volunteers for Muskogee Catholic Charities: thank you Martha Peters and Mary Upchurch! Deacon Ed explained today they have already seen about 60 persons this week—almost 20 each day and we still have a week before the first of the month.  
      We are so grateful for the rain—even if it came in a storm.

      May God bless you and all you love (and all you should).

      Fr. Mike
      St. Joseph Church and School